Council of 69

Launched in the 5th week of Harvest's operation, the Council of 69 is an investment syndicate that participates in early-stage project investments. It enables savvy users to leverage the investing power of the collective to bring further rewards to our platform.

How it works:

  • Talented users suggest strategic investments in the #Council-of-69 channel on Discord.
  • After discussing the opportunity, a Snapshot governance proposal is created.
  • Snapshot proposals that gather 1000 affirmative FARM votes move the deal forward.
  • A syndicate of Harvest's developers and established investors perform due diligence to evaluate the proposal on technical and market viability.
  • If approved, the proposing user helps to close the deal.
  • The Harvest treasury funds the investment.
  • On a liquidity event, 10% of the gains are rewarded to the user who brought in and closed the deal.
  • 90% of gains are distributed to humble farmers in the profit sharing pool.

Previous Investments

Check the investments made by the Council of 69:

How to participate

Got a good deal for Harvest to invest in? Head over to the Discord Channel to pitch for your 10% cut!