iFARM and Defi integrations

What you can do with FARM & iFARM


FARM can be provided in BNT-FARM pool on Bancor and earn trading fees with no impermanent loss.


It is possible to pair iFARM with QUICK and stake iFARM-QUICK LP in Quickswap on Polygon network and enjoy extra APY on your iFARM. You can send assets on Polygon network here.


You can also provide liquidity on the Ruler FARM-DAI pair to earn RULER rewards


iFARM can be provided as collateral on Fuse in order to borrow stable coins.

How to Contribute

If you are a team member of a Defi protocol interested in Defi integrations and collaborations, or wants to present a collaboration, please access Harvest Finance collaborations Discord channel.
If you think you can contribute to build Defi collaborations and integrations between protocols, Harvest Finance dev Discord channel is a good place to start.